This morning Cult Nails posted the following on their Facebook:

"Sad news today Culties - Clairvoyant may be dead. We were anticipating the wonderful news that Clairvoyant would be in our hands early next week. What we found out is one of the main ingredients that makes it what it is - is no longer. We are going to work to see how we can still make it happen with alternate ingredients, but at this point we are not sure how long the delay will be or if it will happen at all. We'll keep you all posted, but if you are one of the lucky ones with Clairvoyant in your hands, hold on to that baby!"

This makes me sad!  On the flip side though, I'm relieved that I have a bottle.  Clairvoyant is sold out on Cult Nails' website and I've seen it going for hefty prices on ebay.  I hope you already own a bottle.  If not, you might be SOL.

I wore this recently over Cult Nails Time Traveler just for the fun of it.  These gorgeous flakies are in a purple-ish jelly base.  I've tried it over a few different colors and I think it really is at it's best over Time Traveler.  Even black doesn't do it as much justice as a deep, dark blue.

I might not wear it much if it turns out that I can't ever get another bottle.  It will stay tucked away, safe and sound in my helmer.