Gorgeous.  I love this color.  I wore Magic as a full manicure a couple weeks ago.  I honestly can't remember now if I layered it over something.  Hmm...  Dang.  I guess I shouldn't have waited to post this.  Oh well.

Oh how I love those pretty silver handles.  It makes me happy when I open up my helmer and see them smiling back at me.

The above picture it the best one to show off the purple flashes this polish has.  You can see it on my nails and in the bottle.  So pretty.  I might have to try this mattified too.  I think it would be pretty that way.  Ooooo... I just thought of some eye catching nail art to do with this!  I'm not telling though.  You'll just have to wait for me to do it.  :)

On another note, I haven't changed my polish in days!  I'm conducting an experiment of sorts.  I will unveil it in a monster of a post for Saturday.  Be sure to check back.  You might just learn something! ;)