Today's post kinda snuck up on me.  All of a sudden it was time to write a post and I didn't have anything.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I do have a nail art fail, but I'm not real eagar to share it.  I had a bit of a crazy day.  Thankfully my nails were naked, so it was easy to quickly do something to show you.
Zoya describes Petra as a dark, smoky, dusky grey creme with strong purple undertones.  I think that's about right.  Under certain lights it looks more purple and sometimes it's almost brown.  It's beautiful.  I've got it on my toes too.  It was a two coater.  I topped it off with Jordana Quick Shine Top Coat.

On another note; Why do I keep getting Zoya creams that have trace amounts of glitter?  Yes, it's just a trace amount, but still.  I got two specks of glitter on my index finger alone.  Even a speck or two is enough to ruin a mani if you ask me.   Go get yourself some Petra if you don't already own it.