Are you loving flakies as much as I am?  This is Finger Paints Asylum.  It reminds me of fish food.  I've layered it over OPI Black Cherry Chutney here, which is gorgeous by itself.Put Asylum on top and wow!  I like that the Finger Paints flakies aren't in colored bases so they don't alter the color of the polish you layer them on.  They do although make them a bit foggy looking if you apply more than one coat because of the jelly they are in.

Dare I say that Asylum slightly resembles the infamous Cult Nails Clairvoyant?  You would definitely need a few coats to equal the concentration of Clairvoyant, but I think it might be a good substitute since Clairvoyant is currently unavailable.

I generally layer flakies over dark colors to make them pop, but I really want to try them over lighter, brighter colors.  I have a green Julep polish (that I don't know the name of off the top of my head) that I'd like to try one of these over.  I'll for sure show you if I try it.