I picked up this beauty on a dusty hunt.  Once I got it home I wasn't all that excited about trying it out.  It's been sitting in my Helmer for months now.

I was wanting to try an experiment with jellies, so I picked this one to give it a go.  I don't think the effect of the technique came through, so I'll save that for another day and just hare this polish with you.  I love the bright pink color and the holo shatter, however, I'm not head over heels for the shatter itself.  Sort of like a glitter, it needs lots of coats to get lots of it on your nails.  My biggest complaint about the shatter?  It's sharp and scratchy.

I did like the overall look of the shatter and I love this shade of pink even more.  It's not likely that I will be adding more shatters to my collection though.