Did anyone notice the change I made to my blog over the weekend?  It's small, but a big deal.  I've got my own domain!  I'm now officially TopCoatIt.com.  Yeehaw!  Update your bookmarks people!

Oh man, I love this layering combination!  I've had Cauldron Drippings for a few months now and haven't ever really found the opportunity to use it.  I couldn't think of the perfect polish to use it over; until now.

I give you NYX Ink.  I would call this a cobalt, blue jelly.  It's gorgeous!  The only other time I had used this polish was when I made my first franken, Starry Starry Sky.  Ink was my predominant color in that creation.  A negative of Ink?  It stained my nails.  An extra coat of base coat probably would've solved that.  The worst staining was where the polish went outside my base coat.  I had to bust out the whitening toothpaste and nail brush.  A good scrub and almost all of the blue was gone and my nails were minty fresh. :)

The first time I saw a swatch of Cauldron Drippings I was in love!  I'm not a crazy glitter lady, but I couldn't resist this one.  The orange got me.  Orange glitter isn't something that can be layered over just any polish.  I try not to pick the obvious choice for polish colors in situations like this, so it took me a while to decide how to use it.

I was tempted to do this as a full mani, but was glad I didn't do it once I realized how much Ink stains.  When I use it again, I'll double or triple up on my base coat.