Just plain old polish today folks.  I was at Target the other day and couldn't resist looking through their polish selection and spotted this beauty.  It's My Year is from the 2011 Miss Universe Collection.

It's beautiful!  It's a really warm, somewhat sheer, purple base with a gold shimmer.  It took three coats to get full coverage and went on very smoothly.  I'm really curious what this would look like over black.  The only reason I didn't layer it over black is because I didn't want to take black polish off.  It just doesn't come off all that cleanly.

You'll see this polish again tomorrow.  I've got plans for this baby.  Just some experimentation, nothing mind blowing.  This week has been and will continue to be a busy one, so I'm not doing anything too crazy or time consuming.

To be honest, I'm suspicious that this is an imposter.  There are a couple token OPI characteristics that are missing.  I don't really care though.  If this were a Designer Series (DS) polish, I would care.  No big deal.  It's gorgeous either way.