I've got another swatch for you today, Ladies.  Life has been pretty busy lately which can make it hard to find time to get my creative juices flowing. 

I got this polish recently from Apothica.com.  I don't wear dark colors really often because of the staining, but I love them.  I'm drawn to them.  This is definitely one of those polishes that caught my eye.  Then I read the description, a black shade with a red-orange shimmer, and had to have it.

I love the golden glow in the bottle.  I'm imagine this would really come to life in the sun, but I only wore it long enough to swatch it, so I can't say.  Thought I didn't have it on long, it did stain a bit when I took it off.  Sometimes when I plan to wear a dark color or a really pigmented blue or really just anything known to stain, I will double up on my base coat.  I love how the golden glow warms up the black.  I really love the grippy handle on the brush.  It's amazing how much that helps.  I wish more companies did that.  What do you think of Howl?  Do you own any SpaRituals?